A De-centralised Accounting System for Commerce and Industry.
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Written by Stephen Rowlison & G. Ken Holman

Until the advent of the Blockchain, we left it up to others to connect us with our customers and suppliers. bBiller brings trust and distributed reconciliation of financial records.

The bBiller system is for anyone who wants to take control of their business processes concerning accounts payables and receivables (Money in/ Money Out). Additionally, the opportunity for bBiller token holders whether they be guiding the project or become customers. Based on open and International quality standards, the largest and most detailed of processes, bBiller Supply Chain Automation will significantly disrupt established centralised providers and regulators in all markets.

bBiller has already demonstrated its understanding on the complexities of document exchange, smart contract design and deployment. With our in-depth knowledge of business process design and encryption technology, bBiller has conceived a unique model on multiple levels which reduces risk and ensure product delivery through community collaboration on a fee for membership basis and a fee for service basis.

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