Smart Contracts for Accounting

This article is a design note for UBL formatted documents involved in the billing process.

A smart contract for invoice and purchase orders can be simply described and issued using an Ethereum smart contract. The basic structure of a contract would comprise key identifying data, tax, payment method and currencies.

The issuer would need to pay for the contract which would release funds to a supplier party once a specific pre-agreed delivery condition was met. Progress payment milestones are described in the contract along with payment addresses.

The user interface may offer a contract user a QR Code or Microwallet hardware (The QR Code or more complex chipset could implement a WayBill contract).

Design Goals:

  1. bBiller contracts shall balance storage vs gas costs.
  2. bBiller would implement access to either an address, a contract or both.


  1. Chain integration for Invoice and Purchase order requires permissioned access to key shared and private data.
  2. User app requires identity AML/KYC.





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