Notice to existing and new members: Initial Coin Offer: BBILLER and BILL token holders. Change to fundraising structure

Initial Coin Offer
Opens Friday at 10:00pm EST, 12:00 UTC.

We are nearing the close of our pre-sale period of BBILLER and BILL tokens.

On this Friday 14th of July, bBiller will commence receiving Ethereum Tokens in exchange for BBILLER Smart Contracts. The Smart Contract embodies the rules of the initial and final Whitepapers which are both published on our website. To purchase tokens you need Ethereum currency which can be bought from various exchanges.

Here is an article about ICO's and background information:
ICO Structuring

The website page has more details on these steps, but here are a few tips:

Once you own some Ethereum, you will need to send it into your private Wallet. From your Wallet, you can send Ethereum to the bBiller Contract Address. The system (Blockchain Nodes perform confirmation) will send you BBILLER Tokens based on the value of Ethereum vs the Australian Dollar, recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

For example, if you wanted to purchase $150,000 worth of BBILLER Tokens, you would need something like 555 ETH (at time of writing) to the contract address published on the page. The price of AUD/ETH changes daily, and is read from another Smart Contract, called an Oracle (Not Oracle the Software Company). The Oracle get the price from Australian Exchange Independent (last price, every 24 hours), so that the bBiller Smart Contract can work out how many tokens to send to your private Wallet address. That's the address you sent Ethereum (ETH) from. Sending Ethereum from an Exchange like Independent Reserve to bBiller Contract Address will not work. You need your own Wallet.

Round 1
The price of one BBILLER is 0.01257379 AUD. bBiller tokens are pegged to the Australian Dollar when purchased. At this price, there are 30,886, 097 BBILLER tokens available.

Refunds are Automatic
Remember you need Ethereum(ETH) to buy BBILLER tokens. The BBILLER Smart Contract is also programmed to refund your Ethereum if less than 11,929,582 are not sold. That's $150,000 AUD which bBiller needs to finish your software. It's called a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. We can then commence sales of BILL tokens and project services, if we sell enough tokens. - Over to you.

bBiller has also revised its capital needs and has increased its own requirement from $1,000,000AUD to $1,553,420 AUD. Pre-sale token holders have been topped up with more bBILLER tokens because they acted early and also got a 50% discount as published our ticket system, GitHub.

In Round 2, the remaining 46,329,146 tokens are selling for 0.02514759 AUD each. The Ethereum (ETH) contract controls the pricing automatically. It's ideal to buy tokens at the lower price, but if demand outstrips supply, the pace of purchasing could be dramatic. - Please act quickly if you want the best price.

If you are having trouble with the purchasing process, you can continue to buy BBILLER tokens from our online e-commerce shop, but there will be a considerable delay in processing your order, and reconciliation is not as exact or as fast as sending Ethereum (ETH) to the contract address shown only on the https://bbiller/com/ico and Whitepaper.

In other news, please welcome Mr Mike Grahovac to the office of Vice President for North America. Mike is a senior executive with extensive qualifications and experience in Strategic Marketing, Project and Risk Management. Read about Mike on the Team Leads page.

Look out for our updates on:

1. Receiving your BBILLER and BILL tokens from the pre-sale. Closing Friday at 10:30pm.
2. Details on how we have re-structured the fund raising event, to ensure your percentage remains the same from the pre-sale process.
3. How to submit and vote on BBILLER proposals.
4. How to trade your tokens for Cash using the

Thank you for your contribution to your project.

PS: Please have a quick look at the software we have developed already:MVP

Kind regards
Stephen Rowlison
bBiller Pty Ltd

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