bBiller proposes specifications for Smart Contracts

We have received a request to develop a new specification for the representation of UBL semantics as Solidity smart contracts. Solidity is the Ethereum blockchain language. This is an interesting opportunity since the use of smart contracts can bring significant benefits to supply chain automation via high confidence links between orders, invoices, and payments (for example).

  • The RESTful group governance rules require that a proposer of a new specification publish an open ticket in github and that at least two other organisation support the proposal. Please review the ticket and make a comment in support if you are interested to participate in the effort. Stephen Rowlison as volunteered as editor. He can be contacted via the ausdigital slack channel if you'd like to discuss his ideas.
  • The proposed specification is essentially an alternative syntax for UBL semantics. Therefore, in order to clearly position it in the context of the others already on, we would propose to; Call it SYN-SOL (as in a new SYNtax using SOLidity)
  • Rename the current SYN v1 Specification to SYN-XML (to more clearly indicate its scope)
  • Rename the current SYN v2 specification to SYN-JSON (for the same reasons of clarity)

We look forward to your participation in this very interesting new specification.

Kind regards,

The DBC RESTful working group.

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