Stephen Rowlison

(Founder & CEO)

Inventor of the Worlds' first cashless Bitcoin ATM, Veteran IT professional (37 Years), company director, project manager, process improvement engineer, business analyst, systems architect, inventor, philanthropist and author. Held corporate positions in Banking and Finance. Financially literate and technical astute, Stephen is at the forefront of new and emerging economies featuring distributed technologies, Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence.

William Olders

(Director and CTO)

Mr Olders is responsible for product architecture, user interfaces, quality control. A recognized expert in the Mainframe Community and a veteran of more than 30 years of experience in computer language instruction and software product design, Bill is a co-founder of DataKinetics, and served as President for 20 years. In 1984, Bill assumed the position of Vice-President of Software Development and spearheaded the company's expansion into software development. In this capacity, he lead the development of the company's flagship product, DataKinetics tableBASE®. He also helped clients put some of the largest and most complex systems in place in several of the biggest banks, credit card companies and insurance companies in the world. Much of this effort included rule-base applications development, which is one of his specialties. He personally helped businesses’ IT teams see how their existing problems could be solved, and provided help in implementation as well.

Ken G. Holman

(Advisor - International Standards Expert)

Ken is the current Canadian chair of the ISO subcommittee responsible for e-commerce documents, a former international secretary and former Canadian chair of the ISO subcommittee responsible for the SGML family of standards, the founding chair of the OASIS XML Conformance Technical Committee

Warwick Powell


Warwick Powell is founder and chairman of Sister City Partners Ltd, a regional not-for-profit investment banking enterprise. He is a director of a number of companies in Australia and Hong Kong involved in investment banking, big data analytics, renewable energy and agribusiness services.

Cameron Ross


Cameron has over 20 years banking and finance industry experience across retail, business and wholesale transactions solutions, Cameron is well qualified and a passionate payments professional. Engaged by solutions that make transactions simpler and safer

Patrick Brodnik

Patrick Brodnik, Business Development, World Wide

Business Development. Patrick has 20 years background in IT, 7 years in IP and 5 years trading financial markets.

Keith Burkard


Keith has multiple years of educational and practical experience in global financial markets and blockchain innovation, alongside being a dynamic value add to several transformative blockchain companies globally. After a successful kick-start to his career in some of the most innovative and complex environments, pivoting to starting a global blockchain consultancy company was the core passion and aspiration. Mr. Burkard and plays a vital role as the driving force behind the pipeline of innovations amidst Prism Strategies clients, propelling compelling velocity encompassing strategic guidance, vision and leading industry connections globally. Mr. Burkard holds a BA in Political Science & Economics from University of Miami, alongside pursuing a Blockchain Degree, Oxford University Saïd Business School in London, United Kingdom.

Campbell Woskett

Enterprise Founder & Businessman

Founder-Charitex: Managing Director-Auscredit

Sam Forbes

Cloud Vendor | Cloud Backup | Disaster Recovery Services | Application Hosting | VDI | Hosted Desktop | Unified Communications | IaaS | Application Hosting | Brisbane Melbourne Sydney His career has been a mixture of being an Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer and a Technology Professional. His strengths are tenacity and a passion for developing new technologies and finding new uses for existing technologies.He has led a team of IT professionals at 6YS for the last 13 years, pioneering Cloud Services through our Australian Based Data Centres. His team at 6YS produce elegant IT solutions designed to fit your company, built on a Enterprise Platform and delivered using the benefits of the Cloud Business model.

Brenden Bates

VISIT: "Where brands take flight, gain clarity and land in green pastures" He always strive to deliver beyond expectations, both clients and his own. he support his clients with creative direction, design, illustration, photography, brand and web technology leadership.

Wallace Jackson

•Seasoned Multimedia Producer | i3D Programmer | iTV, eBook, Mobile App, Website, 3D Games
• Oracle | Google | Amazon | Developer Partner | Books on Android, Java, Data Footprint Optimization• Exceptionally Small Data Footprint Content Design | Data Optimization | 512KB - 2MB Maximum
• International Clientele: Major Brands, Manufacturers, Ad Agencies, Producers, Artists, Authors
• Virtual World & MMORPG Creation including Content Design, UI Design, UX Design, 3D Modeling
• 3D eBook Design | i3D Programming i3D Publishing for Amazon Kindle Fire | Barnes Noble NOOK
• Employs the latest content production software from Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle, Google, Editshare• Employs the latest 64-bit hi-def i3D multi-core Hardware (SUSE Linux, Windows 8.1, Mac OS/X)
• Electronics Clients: Sony, Samsung, Tyco, Epson, Nokia, Dell, Compaq, TEAC, IBM, Sun, SGI
• Display Clients: ViewSonic, NEC, EIZO, KDS, ADI, Christie, CTX, ProView, Mitsubishi, NANAO
• Data Optimization: Content, Code, HTML, CSS, 2D Image, 3D Animation, iTV Programming, App
• Content Optimization: eBook, iTV, Video, JPG, GIF, PNG, Animation, Game, 3D Simulation, PDF
• Internet Optimization: Content, Keywords, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Visual Social Media, Widgets
• New Media Content: Tizen, Java 8, JavaFX, Android, Firefox, WebGL, HTML5, Torque, i3D PDF
• Virtual World Content: Java, OpenGL, Torque 3D, UDK, VRML, U3D, X3D, O3D, WebGL, HTML5
• Smartphone Mobile Content: Ringtones, Brandgames, Screensavers, Wallpaper, i3D apps, eBook• Interactive Television Content: iTV Programs, iTV App, ConnectedTV, GoogleTV, SmartTV, ipTV
• Android Development: GoogleTV App, SmartPhone App or Game, eBook Reader App, Tablet App
• Business Social Media Optimization Expert LinkedIn #2 All Time Top Expert | Publication Section
• Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), iDVD Menus, i3D Logos, i3D Products, i3D Games, i3D Simulation
• i3D eLearning, eSignage, ePublishing, iTV Apps, IoT (Internet of Things) Apps, SmartWatch Apps

Matt C.

Matt has had over 20 years experience in the entertainment/sports/tech sectors having worked for Warner and Sony Music in Australia and New Zealand. Previously he founded Txtstation as CEO an interactive TV mobile marketing company, raised 6 million in venture capital and sold the company in March 2011 to Commercetel in San Diego North America. Matt launched the company into the European/North American markets and moved to New York and Los Angeles where he successfully set up the first telecommunication connections to 200 million connections and sold the companies original contracts to FIFA World Cup, SKY TV Italy for the Champions League, Fox USA, CBS USA, Time Warner and the NBA. Matt was then offered the Txttunes position as CEO by Renaissance Group a public company who handles Apple distribution and still remains a shareholder in Txtstation today.

Garry Hill

Systems Engineer

Mark McIvor


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