Service model and methods for distributed end games

I think.our invoice app is nearly ready for prime time. Who can do service delivery like hoduini?

Please approve parberships on our chain hefore publishong recipriocal as illustrated below. Helen could edit this?

Projects Early Blockchain projects generally focused on specific user cases such as money transmission (bitcoins) and records storage.

ICO projects define the sound of BE (as apposed to confidence meet eye-to eye) central bureaus of Red(Siemens) and Blue (IBM) are concerned for past performance in discovery tools, reporting and feedback. ICO's failures are caused by centralized and methodologies accustomed to manipulation. The post implementation review is a wash in disposal of providence by exchange markets seen to thrive on volatility. Pump and dump non-performance driven and valued mis-aligned promotions (inside sales also applies), to fund the IT boom and bust sequence, capsized by whales and risk solutions like arbitrage, is found wanting disruption for less or more?

Even a software app for a broker/fund manager has one opening and two escape slides according to regulations suggesting past performance has apparently a bearing on future performance. Leaks, Losses and post audits are the solution to a unnecessary paradigm of blame and abuse in all matters concerning money, promise and trust (51% attack is still possible and requires next stage illumination)

Echoing user experience in testing needs and wants split project methodologies into type casts (Agile/Scrum). Waterfalls flow down where as Blocks connect to the source of truth.

Does Blockchain make methodologies now go to the end and come back to the reasons for established value given the creators object of difference in perceptions of problems?

With a single key(and a means to self-recover from a loss of access, having lost a key, is simpler than 2 factor authentication or copies of keys on paper, rock, silver, silicon or even a ladies diamond ring). For those wanting escrow and grow their Income through validated, tried and trusted vaults that can only exit back to you one way, fiduciaries are certain to leverage your existing systems including platforms in centralized places controlled/owed by others does not mean a total ownership liability in every case, although some platforms and industries shall disappear or phoenix themselves as oracles of errors and disgust (CBA, AMP, ALP, The Australian Labour Party), they least before redaction end, may profit in prudence for what not to do. Fairly compared with the reputations of class who valued value over exchange for single measures like integrity, are now seen essential to sustainable project methodology ( Philip Trewartha)

Philip Trewartha

If BBILLER has achieved it's aim in ridding us to some extent on the necessity to kill than be killed, perhaps the service model of latch atomic units of value to value distributions via autonomous in project discovery may evolve a perfectible solution to delivery, payment and completion in a single event, proving the need is real and the knowledge effective discovering a better path next time for enjoying the fruits of correlation than than adaptation?

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