Diamonds & Gold


$115.00 $101.00

1,010 BBILLER’s @ 10 Cents(usd) each

50000 in stock


Exemplar Product Example - A Job Creation strategy by Mutualism not Government nor Corporate Sector.

Application: Industrial Engraving

Category: Crypto-Currency

Sub-Category: Cold Storage

Market: Fashion Tech

An entry Point for Affiliates:


BBILLER Process: Billing, Retail POS, Mobile Service, Safe Custody.

Our Exit Point to Non-Affiliated Supplier (Pay it Forward)

Output (Gold):

Output (Diamond)

Individual Activity: Private Key Cutting to Gold or Industrial Diamonds. (Job Transformation to new economy)  The specialised is versed in the imprinting of Private Keys via a device such as LASER.  The proprietor may solicit their own customers and charge what they want independently of BBILLER.

1,010 BBILLER's given to access revenues from network participants and execution of supply chain smart contracts:


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