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1,010 BBILLER’s @ 10 Cents(usd) each

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Application: Wine Grower

Category: Food Manufacturing.

Platform: Android/Apple

Are you an Australian Wine Grower looking to export your produce to the world?  Would you like to get this app made for you?

This is what it will do:

  • Hand woven HEMP gift wrapping to support community
  • Get best price on buying ingredients - Over the Counter or OnMarket.
  • Get paid before you sell. Buy BILL tokens.
  • Automatic RE-ORDER
  • Vote Best Logistics Plan or Order from the Baker and Shirt Shop.
  • Easy App on iPhone and Android.
  • 7 Level Bonus Structure. Refer and Earn.
  • 7% X 7 Levels * 15%-3% Discount Matrix.
  • Bonus User Rewards! - More rewards when you send your own BILLS.

We need to sell many of these BBILLER tokens to make the app. Users of the App pay to use it and when they do you receive a dividend paid to your Address where you keep your BBILLER tokens.

Market Referral (Our Unique Selling Proposition):


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