The BBILLER Billing module seamlessly connects you to your suppliers and customer via the blockchain. With the BBILLER billing module, you can take charge of your accounts payable and receivables.


Suppliers and Customers both rely on centralized systems for managing billing. This separation causes a major disconnect between the parties. Suppliers don’t know whether their customers have received invoices, invoices are frequently lost by Customers, data needs to be re-keyed from invoices into customer systems frequently resulting in errors. It’s often a manual process to determine whether an invoice is approved for payment, disputed, voided, paid or remitted.




The BBILLER Billing module offers a single source of truth. With a single source of truth, there can be no disagreement on an invoice claim. It is self-evident that an invoice has been issued because it is logged on the Blockchain. There is no need to re-key data into accounts payable systems, approvals and disputes and payments are clearly visible and cannot be reversed (unless a credit or debit note is issued). Customers can expect less enquires concerning the state of supplier invoices. Suppliers can be assured that the invoices they send to customers are accurate and in compliance with the requirements of their customers’ policies. Payments of invoices can be performed using BBILLER tokens for instant settlement or performed via the current banking system.


  • Instant delivery of invoices to a customer
  • Notifications sent to customers and suppliers whenever a change is made.
  • Encrypted and Private. No private data is made public.
  • Eliminates Duplicate Invoices.
  • Multi-currency
  • Supports Pre-payments, Allowances, Withholding Tax and self-billed invoices.

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