Q. What is the project’s purpose?

A. The project is re-designing how everyone pays and receives money.  Presently bills are sent out in PDF format.  By using the bBiller system there is no re-keying of data.  The BILL tokens are smart contracts which enforce invoicing terms and conditions on the parties.  For example a purchase order and invoice terms and conditions along with payment details (Fiat or Crypto). End users need BILL tokens to use the Ethereum Smart Contracts.  The smart contracts are sent via the bBiller system or can be used standalone.

Q. Why does the project rely on International Standards and Committees?

A. The standards for message interchange in global businesses is already established on the Universal Business Language.  The development team are making the standard for billing operate on the Blockchain for everyone to use.

Q. Is the Project Source code open?

A. Yes

Q. What is a DAO?

A. A DAO is a distributed Autonomous organisation.  Control of bBiller rests with BBILLER token holders.  Token holders can propose directions and vote on the future direction of the project.

Q. Are you selling company shares?

A. No, the Tokens offer certain rights over the control of the project.  The Tokens are traded for Bitcoin or Dollars on various exchanges.  The tokens pay the management team based on performance of driving the technology.