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page2_pic1This platform supports B2B information interchange in the areas of procurement, logistics, transportation, and payments, in conjunction with IoT information interchange for asset tracking and provenance. As a completely disintermediated solution connecting the world’s trading partners, borders and barriers of all kinds can be bridged by building on the base with digital payment means such as when using digital wallets. And as the worlds’ needs evolve, the DAO can supplant the initial bootstrap efforts with revisions to meet identified requirements. Supply chain partners can actively participate in the balloting of how seeded project funds are to be allocated to the development and to company operations, as well as how ultimately to be disbursed. Their participation in the DAO is rewarded by their specific needs being addressed. Meanwhile, project funds grow, in turn, with the active use of the developed software in an affordable and cost-effective fee-for-service scenario palatable to all users. Users are servicing users directly, affordably, securely, and privately, not by way of a centralized traditional software vendor solution that takes the control and the destiny of their information out of their hands..




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