A Few Words About Us

page2_pic1This platform supports B2B information interchange in the areas of procurement, logistics, transportation, and payments, in conjunction with IoT information interchange for asset tracking and provenance. As a completely disintermediated solution connecting the world’s trading partners, borders and barriers of all kinds can be bridged by building on the base with digital payment means such as when using digital wallets. And as the worlds’ needs evolve, the DAO can supplant the initial bootstrap efforts with revisions to meet identified requirements. Supply chain partners can actively participate in the balloting of how seeded project funds are to be allocated to the development and to company operations, as well as how ultimately to be disbursed. Their participation in the DAO is rewarded by their specific needs being addressed. Meanwhile, project funds grow, in turn, with the active use of the developed software in an affordable and cost-effective fee-for-service scenario palatable to all users. Users are servicing users directly, affordably, securely, and privately, not by way of a centralized traditional software vendor solution that takes the control and the destiny of their information out of their hands.


Cost Savings, Transparency, Fraud Reduction, Corruption Identification, Compliance, Speed – Sub-seconded , Insights and traceability, Security and Lifelong free access to their secured data.  Freedom of choice.


  • Automation of the buying and selling process.
  • Ease of Use (no gaps, no friction, single system, no single point of failure, Single source of truth, privacy and permanent storage of their data without the risk of loss or theft for the life of their operations)
  • Access to global markets from a single application.
  • Lower’s barriers to entry to the customer they each serve
  • BBILLER offers freedom of choice for people to people connections without a third party, allowing complete freedom in privacy by ensuring transactions are completely validated and protected against non-conformance thus improving trust in relationships.

Confirms a Relationships Performance. We offer Participation, Inclusion and Support".  Flexibility!!


Transparency, Growth, Participation,  Ballots, Dividends (Security Token).

Where will BBiller be in 1, 2, and 3 years and 5 years.

6 Months – BBILLER Application available from Play Store and iTunes for Android and Apple.

1 Year – Mid Tier applications for business and trade.

3 Years - Enterprise applications for corporations and Government

5 Years – Global applications for countries eliminating the 3rd and 2nd classes or dispossessed of any money, or means, by connecting needs with wants instantly and completely without concern whatsoever, for the betterment of mankind without exception, mental retardation or equivocation.

Advancing ten years we know the Blockchain world will advance almost incomprehensibly. BBILLER will be a solid entity sharing its skills, knowledge and capital to the wider market place. We will follow a model of funding small and individual developments. Money and expertise are the ingredients most often required to start-ups.

What are the long term goals of BBILLER

Ubiquitous access to labor and capital in the supply and distribution of goods and services across all common resources and geographies.

For further information contact ceo@bbiller.com

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