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The standards for message interchange in global businesses is already established on the Universal Business Language. The development team are making the standard for billing operate on the Blockchain for everyone to use.

Token: BILL

Document Messaging Tokens are used on the Ethereum blockchain to send business documents.


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bBiller is a globally-available blockchain-implemented supply-chain commerce platform. Anyone can access this decentralized pay-as-you-go system without membership fees or usage commitments. Based on the international standard ISO/IEC 19845 UBL, users or organizations servicing groups of users can trigger or fulfill steps in the procurement and transportation supply-chain process defined and implemented by bBiller. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, e-business transacted with the bBiller backbone is secure, immutable and transparent, providing all parties faster access to their goods, services and payments without the involvement of intermediaries to delay the process.


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bBiller is endorsed by ausdigital.org standards community.





When released, b.Biller will be the democratization of payments using the ISO/IEC 19845 standard UBL XML as the supply-chain document interface. Using b.Biller, one will be able to order and pay for goods and services using a single payment to an Ethereum blockchain. All parties, such as suppliers and shippers, fulfill the order and instantly receive their payment in a decentralized and secure fashion. This produces an immutable transparent supply-chain document trail of all of the steps. Without any central organization, membership fees or central server, this pay-as-you-go commerce system will be globally available 24/7 on the blockchain. It will be available to any and all parties wishing to participate in the b.Biller community with their specific supply-chain-oriented contribution. Having based the interface on an open standard, b.Biller will be attractive to e-commerce service organizations offering their constituencies a formally-documented supply-chain commerce solution.
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